Dating game by danielle steel

In addition to the emotional impact, Ellison, also 34, believed the activity adversely affected her career.

MGN's actions had a "massive emotional impact" on Yorke, 46, affected his life in many ways and significantly damaged his reputation.

She is a heroine in her own right, thanks to her creation of some of the greatest stories of all time.

Her fans are numerous and cut across the age divide.

Moreover, great authors are identified by their ability to capture readers in this manner.

Danielle Steel stands out as more than just a great author.

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Some of her books have been inspired by true events in her life such as her relationships with her ex-husbands.

MGN also offered the celebrities an apology at the High Court on Thursday.

Lawyer Mark Elder told Mr Justice Mann that 34-year-old Lloyd was "distressed and appalled" to learn she was targeted.

The novels by Steel have always been bestsellers, most of them topping honorary lists.

Over 800 million copies of her books have been sold all across the world.

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