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So, if you’re a guy who’s on shorter scale (below 5’8), you’ll definitely feel it: people will be hovering above you.But something kept bothering me throughout my stay.The first thing you notice about Lithuanian women is that they’re extremely beautiful.The best way to describe them would be to say that they’re some kind of a cross between Ukrainian and Russian with a touch of Scandinavian mixed in.We must, however, remember that there are always exceptions to the rules – not everyone is a gold-digger.Because the women of this country take great care about their appearance, they will greatly appreciate a guy who knows how to look his best.

Lithuanian and Latvian are related but not mutually incomprehensible.Food in this country is typical of that found in Eastern Europe and Germany.Heavy sort of stuff, focused mainly on potatoes, mushrooms and dumplings, and pork, everywhere pork.Try all the usual places – coffee shops, bistros, and the main shopping street.Other fruitful locations might include the Cathedral Square, Vilnius University, and, in the summer, the city parks. Vilnius, the capital, is like a large open terrace, especially in the late evenings.

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