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I have an open layout and I'm using some 1970's DC controllers.That engine uses so much power that it shuts itself off and when you want an operational coupler for dubble-header operation, they only give you the parts and say "figure it out yourself because we don't want to put it on the manual" and some of the parts fall off.Paul Menkens writes: I have of these, 2 Mikados and 1 Pacific. soon after I got it, when I contacted Athearn they told me that they were trying to get some replacement gears and to keep getting back to them and they would eventually be able to fix it for me (at no cost) finally about a year and a half later they said to send it in and they did fix it and it has run fine since however they broke some of the detail parts and the headlight has not worked since. When these things run they run great, when I inquired about the replacement gears at N. I would like to get a second 3900 but none are to be had in Houston.the first Mike was from the very first batch and has worked perfectly since new, the second one came a few years later and the gear S. The Pacific split it's gear also and i am going to buy the replacement gear from N. The Digitrax system is fine and the sound (DCC) good. No more Atherin car kits to be had but I have 45 freight cars and a passenger train that I seldom use.There was other minor damage as well; thankfully most of the fine details on this model are easily glued.Now repaired, it runs great for me in DC mode, is exceptionally quiet and smooth, lights very nicely (has actual bulbs in numberboards, not sure about headlight and tender backup light--they may be LED--are bright).

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As such, the 4-8-2 is susceptible to shipping damage, and I had to re-attach a piece of the cab roof which broke loose during shipping as a result.The Athearn Genesis models included can motors, flywheels, improved (non-tender) electrical pickup, very quiet operation, DCC-ready wiring and moderate detail.Since this initial offering, the Mikado has been discontinued.Athearn sold the tooling to this engine, occasionally rumors surface that the current owner will produce a run of them, but so far none have turned up.Expect to pay between and 0 for one in good shape that will operate. steven parry writes: Concerning the Athearn Genisis 4-6-6-4 challenger, it is somewhat a failure.

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