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The 29-year-old Moustakas is coming off a career season in Kansas City in which he slugged a franchise-record 38 home runs to go with 85 RBI, garnering his second-career All-Star appearance.

His testing of the free-agent market has been an unsuccessful one this winter as teams around the league have been hesitant to pull the trigger on a long-term deal.

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Despite recently ditching the Facebook login requirement for its app, Bumble took a diplomatic approach.

The jersey and hat were actually better than I was hoping for at that price. Let me just say "YOU ARE GREAT" Thanks for taking the time to speak to me on the phone. I placed my order, tracked it on line and the products and service was OUTSTANDING! I bought 2 mugs in the airport when I left New York only to break them when I got home. I was recently in New York and wanted to get everyone a sweatshirt, with limited space in my luggage I decided this was the easiest way to go! Thank You Very Much for all of your help with my order! 3000 miles away, your staff cares, and helps in every way possible! I hope that this new order will be delivered as promptly as before; you even included a little gift in the box. My daughter was on a field trip to New York and bought a globe from your store for my wife as a souvenir. I was born & raised in Brooklyn, & I havent found any other store like this one!! I also ordered tote bags which were a BIG hit with friends and family! You can do souvenir shopping from the comfort of your home.For the Yankees though, it might not be about the time, but the money.Ownership has made it a priority for the team to remain under the 7 million luxury tax threshold.Perhaps Bumble and Facebook can join forces to make the connecting space even more safe and empowering.” Other major dating players took a less enthusiastic path.Regardless of year or circumstance, whenever there is a big-name free agent on the market, the New York Yankees are usually linked or rumored to be a potential match. The most historic club in Major League Baseball, playing in the biggest market in the United States, has had a reputation for flashing the cash in order to get the best talent possible.

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