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The next step in implementing this part of the strategic plan is to actively promote the town, increasing its visibility, and reinforcing its image as an outstanding destination for your professionals and their families to relocate.To this end, the EDA is seeking a contractor who has the skills, experience and understanding of the EDA’s desired target market to implement a social media and online promotional plan, to significantly increase the number of visits to our EDA website, Facebook page, and You Tube video channel.This Request for Proposals (RFP) outlines basic requirements for services to be provided.The College’s Marketing and Communications Division will be the firm’s point of contact throughout the contract and will coordinate the professional services required of the firm.

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The selection process will involve MCTC Marketing and Communications Division and the Purchasing Department who will evaluate the proposals and make the final decision on hiring a vendor.

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The Authority, led by a Board of Commissioners, is responsible for the operation, maintenance, expansion, and long-term planning of the Missoula International Airport.

February 16, 2018Missoula County Airport Authority,5225 Hwy 10 West, Box 25, Missoula Montana 59808The Town of Peterborough Economic Development Authority (EDA) has developed and implemented a strategic plan to enhance the economic vitality of the Town of Peterborough.

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