Dating site monetization

Blockchain not only offers possibilities of mutual use of methodics but also solves the problem of trust: data obtained as a result of analysis will be stored independently, so it will be much more difficult to manipulate results of studies.We create a transparent environment for creating high-quality digital products on the basis of proven methodics for a personality analysis that is currently delayed due to a number of problems.An Author gets access to the service of data interpretation for methodics based on a block that is a mathematical algorithm.

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Pros for Authors of methodics is that their work on collecting data and its interpretations that sometimes lasts for years will not be lost due to the fact that some service is closed.There are two big global trends based on which we assess prospects of the project as high.Firstly, the main trend in self-improvement industry that grows by 6% per year in the US and makes bln is a reorientation to digital services and mobile applications.We create a synergistic environment where the best methodics from coaches, psychologists, and other Authors will be collected and digitized, and tools will be created for launching products based on them.An Author can install a methodic into a system, having created a block for it.

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