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The site is hosted on a single IP address,, and there are several other sites hosted on this IP, such as, and The parent domain has a small number of sites associated with it, for example,,, and In writing for information, it is suggested that inquirers watch desired or about the price they wish to pay. BAILEY, BANKS & BIDDLE, Twelfth and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. Rolling our trousers above the knees, there was a largo acreage of unprotected cuticle for gnats, ujob (piitoes, and probably snakes to sample ; and oar appearance was curio tu and picturesqno to a high degree. Patiently we shambled on over the everlasting system of oval boulders which formed tle bottom of the stream, dodging the laurel, crawling over and under fallen timber, slipping off slimy stones into unknown but soon discovered depths, fairly twisting the spinal column out of joint in endeavoring to maintain an upright potion. once found himeelt submerged, full length, mid looking zenith ward through a foot or so of water. followed wilh a basket containing quite a number nf trout. Heinen, Sclareyer $c Oo , U CD w Q O CD U s o NOW - LA DIES' all colors and Qua G&spesp Rcpi presents the LARGEST and MUST ELEGANT Lines of J. Be Hutit'nl Stoeks uf Ladies' MU8HN INDEKWEAR, II AMlil"l(i and ISWISS WORK. II Urwiii, Lewi burg, mt-ject to Dilr-i l, Conturciue Fur Ann Jinhlj' H ukaci-. Gi.oveb, ot' Mifflin bur For Wheri B 0'M Havk, oi Hartle- UD. The Philadelphia North American aayn the protracted and bitter opposition of the Democrats in Congress to the passage of the pending bill to authorize the extension of the charters of the existing national banks ought to he noticed by all Hound busbies men. Huients ol money fnr political : purposes : public utticen are the properly of no ; party but are open to every ciliz-in honest, ca- ; pable and faithrul to the co DStituiiou. Nice Stock of in FANCY DRESS GOODS, SILKS, in these OUR ENTIRE STOCK, in all its d 'partmeuis, embraces tlic Largest and Most Elegant Lines to be found in the State ; and our great success in business is due to our EXTREME low PRICES. The re-union j of the class of 1872, University at Lewisburg, took place at the resi- j denceof Prof. Out of a class of 2 1 graduates l"were present at the re-union. Bartol, who is a memfcer of the 1 class, kindly invited his fellow grad- i nates to share bis ltoapitality. and the balance Well Tim be Tiero aro Hi V)llt 100 (of Clear- ed Laml, ami the balance Well Timbered with Whi" 0k' Cb? The fann U well Watered and an excellent Spring convenient to the house. the Bailey, Banks & Bdle Are without exception the best in the market at the prices at They are all guaranteed satisfactory. Very well : Last Friday afternoon, in conjiinc tion with our esteemed friend, Dr. We laid in an am pie store ot hooks with dainty illusive tlies attached, naked hooks, lines wade. We twl in Style, Good Goods, is tilled with all tlic Choice Novelties for the Early Sprinar. It is hereafter Ui bo exchangeable for the leg abtender variety at the federal &ub-trcatmrics, and in this way what va& once an anomaly and a nuisance will be removed. Wo do protest sifjainst what is called , thobon ayatem and the iilii Ddorlu ol otliae : holders by iea. This is the 1 tenth year afier their graduation, and the class met according to arrangements made before leaving col- lege. Kale's holrs untl others, containing about 124 ACRES re aro about 100 nerea ol I. ti,,,, ia an ..vnciiu Mt Amdo n ' cn"ru on 1,16 Pmi Bes, aiso j-eacn urcnara, ami other fruit in ahum lance. Use: you can show this with the tag : Information : is the worlds largest website for ranking and listing websites` usage and user access.Rank : Is your sites rank among the other sites in the world. Taking this view of it, we concluded to raise our nose from the grindstone of business long enough to take a bracing sniff of the hemlock and laurel laden air of lirush Valley Narrows, and discover ihe benefits there might be in a day's trout fishing. Preparations customary with chrome fishermen were duly made. li ELFOUIJ, Is How fully stiickud nod in active upwaticm on Rprinjr Ordri s. Congress has done a seinilde thing, and olio which will give general satisfaction, in providing for the redonip (ion of the trade dollar. The following is the platform which the Convention adapted : The Democratic party of Pontwvl vania, holding fast to the faith that, nil not delegated hy the oouatitution 1m reaervwl to tin BUHes and the puopl: Upholding tb sanctity ol personal Horuntj ot personal property ami the righto ut I coal sell government ; ilt-miiuli nji honesty aud economy in tlio aitminl Htraiion of Government and enforcement ol' ull the provisions ut tliu uonsmuuon iy me legiajuiuru ana uie CO una ot tins vummiiiiweuiin : aiciiarir aiuinxt mononoiie H ami In sv mint by wil np : lalwr Heeking its protection, and in favor of Uii) protection or the industrial interests ot , I'eii UHylvania, at this tinio do anl.-muly protest agaimst evils which tbe policy and practices of the Bepuhlicau parly, and the Into-lencu of its lone possession of otiic'i have thus Drought upon the couniry; thi;rcforo, 1 Flint. , the Tkluahle Farm of tlee'il- sit oat e in Buflulo Twp., Ud Iud rounty, Pa., adjotniox lands of Peter Miller, Yoat Hoy, Jos. improvements oonniriis m a Two-story Dwelliner House. B'"' 8Prlo H""' S1,0P' , Hummer House, &c.

Pattisou, of Pbila., received the nomination by a majority of nine. He is bonnd not to be undersold, "and don't, you forget it." tf. : fj Q to tho Ohina Store ot Sam- vkl Bausb for your Queens ware. : Are You.adzenxh Vhy hulie H- tio I,i Constipation, Dizinese, Loss of 1 Appetite, Ye low Hkiu V Hinloh's Vital- izer tt po8itive cure. The site no english dictionary words in its hostname.The most recent attempt by our crawler to fetch the root page was successful.

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