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As I have time, I will fill in the blanks of the past 3 years while at the same time documenting my current friendships.

As a result, this faulty thinking will pervade all of your inner dialogue and strongly affect all of your decision making, not necessarily positively.

I have decided it is more like a end in sight.

I have thought of keeping track of some of my experiences, which led me here.

There are different levels of conscious thought and subconscious thought, but let’s just focus on conscious and subconscious as the focus of this article.

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such thoughts as “I’m not good enough”, “that outcome would be terrible” and “things have to be this way” are all things we tell ourselves and then those distortions affect the rest of our inner dialogue detrimentally.

Subconscious thought deals with the thought process below the surface of that which we are willing to admit to ourselves- this is the world of dreams, gut instincts and sudden, creative inspiration.

Conscious thought, for our purposes, applies to the stream of dialogue that occurs in our heads.

It’s a blogger hosted site, which means download is a little slow and it looks like a relative newbie, but the author “Maggie” writes with great passion and enthusiasm.

There are already some great little tit bits of info and advice.

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