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once upon a time, a girl who was cute and fun to talk to and physical was enough, yes? so we vet candidates for traits beyond what the first few dates would reveal.dunno about that.

our parents' generation was the first to wholeheartedly embrace divorce, as i recall.

Usually you can spot them during a 20 minute coffee date and move on.

If it starts feeling like a job interview, that is a BIG clue to head for the exit.

Our parents and grandparents didn't have the internet They were stuck with whatever they had in their neighborhoodit could be good it could also be pretty bad Then there are plenty of those who count themselves as " a ladies man"Can't get enough dates, they just keep coming their wayand those are usually the ones complaining too I don't think anybody EVER has had it easy One thing people don't like in the real world, oron a dating website, in the past, the time of our grandparentsor in today's dating scene is a whiner.

Some times I start a thread based on my experience, others it's based on what I see going on in the forums and around the world.Personally I could never be attracted to anybody that would think like this, so for the most part it's a non issue for me. Is the advent of the internet making it easier to date or more complicated? By the way, personally I think the internet is a fad. I don't find dating to be any more complicated than 30 years ago. When he returns we'll see how we connect in person. Looks don't matter anywhere near as much as who the person is and how we get along. If it were this easy to find someone we really hit it off with, those of us looking to date one person would be paired off from the word go.I am just waiting for it's 15 minutes of fame to be up and it goes the way of the beta machine. Oh sure some fads last a little longer( how else would you explain Paris hilton being famous? I treat meet and greets as I would have treated a chance meeting of a man when I was in my 20's or 30's. Taking a while to find someone of great interest allows us, and hopefully causes us, to appreciate them all the more---and to enjoy it all the better."Fishie don't think every thread I start is about me."Oh right!If the internet is a fad I have a cure for baldness Does anybody out there just meet someone, like them and actually just start dating anymore? The process of " Dating" as turned into something like a job interview. Then if they pass that stage, we get into the 'red flag" stage.Everything they say or do around us is analyzed, reanalyzed, and psychoanalyed. No one said dating was going to be a piece of cake. i perfer muffins)I like blueberry muffins If someone said that they were jumping through hoops, I felt like they weren't looking for a real relationship. Better than going out and feeling like I wasted my time.

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