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Things start to look up when he’s inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel Morgenstern, the apotheker with a mysterious past he owes his life to, but Doran is in way over his head.The fate of the mines hangs in the balance; the clock is ticking and the Archon is closing in.Blassingame Plantation Factories and the Slave Work Ethic, 98 - Gerald Jaynes The Making of a Fugitive Slave Narrative: Josiah Henson and Uncle Tom -- A Case Study, 112 - Robin W. The Slave Narratives as Literature"I Was Born": Slave Narratives, Their Status as Autobiography and as Literature, 148 - James Olney Three West African Writers of the 1870s, 175 - Paul Edwards Crushed Geraniums: Juan Francisco Manzano and the Language of Slavery, 199 - Susan Willis I Rose and Found My Voice: Narration, Authentication, and Authorial Control in Four Slave Narratives, 225 - Robert Burns Stepto Autobiographical Acts and the Voice of the Southern Slave, 242 - Houston A. Text and Contexts of Harriet Jacobs' , 262 - Jean Fagan Yellin The Slave Narrators and the Picaresque Mode: Archetypes for Modern Black Personae, 283 - Charles H.Nichols Singing Swords: The Literary Legacy of Slavery, 298 - Melvin Dixon Bibliography, 319Index, 331 "The most sophisticated and comprehensive book we have yet on the central issue facing students of nineteenth-century Afro-American literature: the question of how to analyze and evaluate the autobiographical tradition of the ex-slave."-- "This attractive anthology has several excerpts that I have been unable to find in a brief collection suitable for a class.But Doran has more to deal with than getting stabbed and a city-wide lockdown that’s seeing his gang of ex-miners being slowly starved out of their base.His daughter Grace has turned against him, and the weight of his wife’s death haunts them both.Louise Allen, The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst (2009), historical romance about a young woman from Jamaica who is kidnapped by pirates; #6 in the Those Scandalous Ravenhursts series.

I find it completely useful for a survey of African American literature."--David B.The 1845 Irish Potato Famine (not limited to Ireland) caused enormous suffering and a surge in emigration.George Mac Donald Fraser's popular Flashman series about a British soldier is set in the British Empire period.And the police think she may have had something to do with it..The cops are right about one thing: Hannah is responsible. Now she must face the fact that she brought a monster with her to Ash Park--and his appetite for blood is insatiable. Doran Ó Seanáin, leader of the Black Lung Gang, is determined to bring the Archon, Arajon’s tyrannical ruler, down for his brutal treatment of the miners.

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