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And so Donald was looking at charges of murder as well as treason.

After he heard that, Donald started telling NCIS everything.

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It luckily hadn’t affected how things played out with the other team and Khadem.

They found something off about the code used to launch because it appeared that someone had added more thrust than what was needed and so NCIS had gotten split up to handle two ends of this investigation.

Mosley had Sam, Callen, and Nell go out in the field to assist the search team that was hoping they could find the more pieces of the rocket and she also had Kensi, Deeks, Hidoko, and Eric question the suspect they had in custody at the boatshed.

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The team were asked to assist on a case at Proxima Aerospace on tonight’s all-new episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles”. They were responsible for launching rockets into space for what they termed as expedition trips and there were also given the task of delivering many of the country’s spy satellites into said space, so they were a pretty big deal.

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