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Terp Appreciation Idea #5: Educate others about interpreters associated with well-known events/people Aside from Lydia Callis, other interpreters of the rich and/or famous can help draw awareness to the field.Like Jack Jason, Marlee Matlin's long-time terp, business partner, and yes ...Terp Appreciation Idea #4: Reminisce about Interpreters Who Got You Through Tough, or Life-Changing, Events "(I'm) lucky to have a job that gives me an opportunity to meet so many cool people, and go to so many places," commented Seattle-based interpreter Karen Royea on the Facebook page.Indeed, interpreters are a fixture in all kinds of places and events - sometimes life-changing ones.On Urban Dictionary, definitions for a terp include a "turtle who is a pimp" and a nickname for the University of Maryland's mascot (terrapin).But in Deaf Community, a terp is something else entirely - and near and dear to our hearts. Let us count the whys: Just how often do you get to tell your interpreter(s) all this?

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She was 19 and was brand new to New York and I was her guide.

Deafness.has a Gifts for Interpreters page with ideas ranging from onesies ("My mommy/daddy is an ASL Terp"), aprons with the i Terp logo, Christmas ornaments and candle votive holders with the interpreter sign, and more.

NOTE: Thoughtful little gifts rarely present a conflict of interest with the interpreters' Code of Ethics, but the keyword is little: Most interpreters would be extremely uncomfortable if you gifted them a Tiffany necklace while they are on the job!

Getting an Interpreter Appreciation Day started is about darned time, we thinks. post about Deaf Culture, Switched at Birth, and of course, interpreters. Half a year later, the hoopla still has a lasting impact: “When Hurricane Sandy hit the NYC area, Mayor Bloomberg's ASL interpreter did her job to let deaf and hard of hearing people know what was happening at that time.

The Facebook page's fan base has grown nearly 1,700-members strong. After that, I heard a lot of negative comments toward that interpreter,” Jones recalled, referring to the controversy over Callis' seeming over-animated expressions.

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    Let me start by saying that I don’t remember the last time I did a website/blogpost that wasn’t about our next menu or event.