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and her manager suggested meeting with Paramount to talk about a series.She said she didn’t want to do a TV series because she loved doing theater and lived in New York.Macron said Gassama would be granted citizenship, and offered him a job with the Paris emergency services.Credit: Dandach Tarek via Storyful Colossal Gator Lurking in Florida Backyard Captured Neighbors looked on as trappers in Florida removed a terrifying, 11-foot alligator from a Florida lake.She reveals just what Meghan Markle can expect after she marries Prince Harry.Inside Edition.com's Keleigh Nealon ( Nealon) has more.North Carolina Teachers Go ' Red for Ed' Emboldened by a wave of similar protests across the country, teachers are rallying in North Carolina where they're demanding higher pay and increased education spending. ‘Dirty’ Jokes Found in Anne Frank’s Diary Entries Researchers have found “dirty” jokes in hidden passages of Anne Frank’s diary The passages were hidden under brown masking paper Researchers backlit, photographed and used image-processing software to discover the hidden texts Anne Frank wrote “dirty” jokes and also passages about sex and contraception She even made references to her father visiting prostitutes Frank van Vree, director of the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Queen ' Very Angry' at Meghan Markle's Father Meghan Markle’s father is front and center…in the drama-filled days leading up to the royal wedding.

Charley and Ally Willett captured this incredible phenomenon in the skies over Neihart, Montana.

Sheryl Underwood asked Florence how Carol Brady would feel about turning 80.

Florence said she’d probably feel the same way she does: a little nervous, excited, and dating younger men.

It had been roaming a neighbor's Orlando backyard for some time, eating ducks and causing concern in the community.

Unfortunately, the gator was killed following its capture.

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