Dropdownlist selected value not updating Freecamchat mom

- Listed below are code snippets from the old Rad Combo Box (2009) and the new Rad Drop Down List. - The end result of this is that when the combobox is loaded, the default selected value is Australia.

If I just refactored the code by changing this Rad Combo Box to a Rad Drop Down List and try to Debug it right after the box.

when the control is loaded, it always displays the 1st item in the box ("Afghanistan") even when the selected value has been set to Au.

I tried changing the datasource to a List, Data View and the same behaviour exists.

As per your requirement we can achieve it by applying “Cascading” support to our Dropdownlist controls or by changing the Data Source of the other Dropdown list by using “On Value Select” server side event of our Dropdownlist control.

We are having an API called “Cascade To” which is used to map the child Dropdown list in the parent Dropdown list control.

Here is a sample of what I'm having it do on page load: Dim Add System OS As Drop Down List = Add System. Find Control("ddl OS") Dim Add Problem Ticket Created By As Drop Down List = Add Problem. Find Control("ddl Ticket Created By") ' This first one works fine, but is on the second step of the wizard If (dtr Reader("OS_ID")) Is System.

We have prepared a sample based on the described scenario using Drop Down List post back event on index change and in the handler data bind for second Drop Down List, after post back selected value is maintained for first Drop Down List.

Hi guys, I'm in the process of upgrading the previous Rad Combo Box from 2009 to the newest version and I encountered a weird behaviour with the new Rad Drop Down List.

( note: this also affects Rad Combo Box in the newest version) I did a simple test by binding the controls to a strongly typed datatable, setting the valuemembers and display members and then set the default value to 1 of the items that exist in that table.

We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account The dropdownlist, when used in a reactive form, is not updating it's value when a certain combination of mouse & keyboard is used.

This can be reproduced with the reactive forms dropdownlist example directly on the site, unmodified The form Control's value will not update when: The dropdownlist is expanded with a click , a new value is selected with the down arrow and the control is closed using the tab key Issue can be reproduced on demo site https:// Direct link to the plunkr used on demo site QNi Wmbdpg Zo8J?

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