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It interferes with four radio-related pathways in ionizing radiation, including the PI3-K/Akt, NF-κB, MAPK and TGFβ signaling pathways.Moreover, the regulatory effect of mi RNA in radiosensitivity can be enhanced when interacting with various key molecules, including H2AX, BRCA1, ATM, DNA-PK, RAD51, Chk1, Cdc25A, p53, PLK1, HIF-1 and VEGF, which are involved in these processes.In this way, it functions by targeting the messenger RNA (m RNA) of target genes to regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level and ultimately influences target gene translation and protein expression [ 9 ].Multiple steps are involved in the regulation of target genes by mi RNA.DNA damage repair includes base excision repair, single-strand break repair and double-strand break repair [ 17–18 ].

Therefore, a thorough investigation and elucidation of factors involved in tumor radiosensitivity will increase our understanding in the emerging field of tumor radiotherapy.

Three characteristics of tumor tissue affect the consequences of radiotherapy.

These characteristics include the degree of tumor tissue hypoxia, the survival ability of remaining tumor cells at 6–7 weeks post-radiotherapy and the capability of tumor cells to develop radioresistance [ 5 ].

Therefore, thoroughly understanding the mechanism of mi RNA in tumor radiosensitivity could assist in finding novel targets to improve the radiotherapeutic effects and provide new clinical perspectives and insights for developing effective cancer treatments.

Radiotherapy is an important modality in tumor combinational treatment and is used for treating multiple tumors with good therapeutic effects [ 1 ].

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