Ethics of dating a former patient

physicians may also include considerable trust, intimacy, or emotional dependence.

The length of the former relationship, the extent to which the patient has confided personal or private information to the physician, the nature of the patient's medical problem, and the degree of emotional dependence that the patient has on the physician, all may contribute to the intimacy of the relationship.

(Definitely leaning towards this direction as all I want right now is to get the question correct on the Step.) yea I've been confused about this point too.

I'll be going with uworld as it's been updated recently, I'm guessing they don't want to make life difficult on physicians, as there is also a point about referring your patients to another doctor if you are uncomfortable doing the procedure the patients asked for (eg.

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Is the idea that the more intimate the former patient-physician relationship, the less ethical a subsequent sexual relationship? Some commentators have suggested that the way to deal with sexual relationships with former patients is to impose a minimum waiting period following the termination of the patient-physician relationship.

What about sexual relationships after the patient-physician relationship has ended?

You would think that these would be OK, so long as the physician did not abuse the relationship.

abortion, even if you know how to do procedure you are not forced to do it).

New uworld question, if attending asked you as resident to take consent for operation and the attending was going to be the one to do operation, you should let the attending take the consent (ie.

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