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Afaan Oromoo is the third most widely spoken language in Africa, after Arabic and Hausa.

It is the second most widely spoken indigenous language in Africa south of the Sahara.

Most Oromos support this liberation organization and its army, the Oromo Liberation Army.

There are many Oromo organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa that support the Oromo national movement.

It helped Oromos maintain democratic political, economic, social, and religious institutions for many centuries.

The gada political system and military organization enabled Oromos defend themselves against enemies who were competing with them for land, water, and power.

Gada was a form of constitutional government and also a social system.Oromos are struggling for the opportunity to rule themselves and reinvent an Oromian state that will reflect the gada system. They have been living in the Horn of Africa for all of their known history.They are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, with a population estimated at 28 million people in the mid-1990s.These checks and balances were created to prevent misuse of power.The goverment's independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches also were a way of balancing power.

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