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The Islands are a natural paradise with tiny settlements nestling in many miles of open spaces, fascinating rivers of rock, seas of brilliant aqua greens and silvery blues.Wildlife is free to roam; many species have chosen the Islands as their home.Learn more about our heritage with visits to smaller settlements.Take a tour with a local guide who will be pleased to share stories of times past and present whilst showing you the best of the sights to suit your interest, wildlife, battlefields, beaches ….. Travel around the Islands is an adventure in itself, whether by land, sea or air.

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There are activities to tempt you both outdoors and indoors. The cool, pristine waters may tempt you in for a paddle or a greater adventure!

Looking for a partner to share my life and have some similar interests and some of their own as well....

The Falklands archipelago is teeming with wonders of nature and wildlife; an unpolluted environment with fantastically clear blue skies, seamless horizons, vast open spaces and stunning white sand beaches.

The Spanish name for the islands, "Islas Malvinas", is derived from the French name "Îles Malouines", bestowed in 1764 by Louis Antoine de Bougainville, after the mariners and fishermen from the Breton port of Saint-Malo who became the island's first known human settlers.

The Falkland Islanders, as well as many others, tend to consider as offensive the use of the name Malvinas, as for them it has an association with Argentina's military invasion of the islands in 1982.

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