In the 6th century Jordanes names two tribes living in Scandza, both of which are now considered to be synonymous with the Swedes: the Suetidi and Suehans.

Suetidi is considered to be the Latin form of Svíþjóð, the Old Norse name for the Swedes.

After the end of the Cold War, Sweden joined the European Union on 1 January 1995, but declined NATO membership, as well as Eurozone membership following a referendum.

It is also a member of the United Nations, the Nordic Council, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The etymology of Swedes, and thus Sweden, is generally not agreed upon but may derive from Proto-Germanic Swihoniz meaning "one's own", a warm period around 12,000 BC, with Late Palaeolithic reindeer-hunting camps of the Bromme culture at the edge of the ice in what is now the country's southernmost province, Scania.

This period was characterised by small bands of hunter-gatherer-fishers using flint technology.

After the Black Death in the middle of the 14th century killed about a third of the Scandinavian population, which Sweden left in 1523.

With the Swedish involvement in the Thirty Years War, on the Reformist side, began an expansion of its territories and eventually the Swedish Empire was formed.

Executive power is exercised by the government chaired by the prime minister.Sweden is derived through back-formation from Old English Swēoþēod, which meant "people of the Swedes" (Old Norse Svíþjóð, Latin Suetidi).This word is derived from Sweon/Sweonas (Old Norse Sviar, Latin Suiones).The last war in which Sweden was directly involved was in 1814, when Norway was militarily forced into personal union.Since then, Sweden has been at peace, maintaining an official policy of neutrality in foreign affairs.

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