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And, just to be clear, the views of these men are not my views — or necessarily the views of Your Tango.Now that we got that way-too-technical disclaimer out of the way...In amongst all of that, I’d found someone who seemed like a gem. It was frustrating, isolating, and made me feel so big and so small, all at the same time. I’d tell her often — maybe too often — how stunning I thought she was. “You’re so brave to dress the way you do.” “I want you to feel empowered.”At first, her responses sounded like reciprocity, but they always seemed to sting. Like that first date, she couldn’t see past my body. When she spoke, she never spoke about my body — only about my relationship to it.She was amazed that I wasn’t sucked into the undertow of self-loathing and isolation that she expected from fat women.I’d weeded through dozens of profiles about wanting to meet “healthy,” “active” women, and several that pointedly instructed that fat women weren’t welcome. ”“When you talk about no one wanting to fuck fat people, you’re talking about me, too.”He shook his head, “don’t take it personally, it’s not personal.”I got quiet, then asked for the check. When we got outside, he tried to kiss me, then asked if I wanted to go back to his later, I was falling for a new partner.Many men had sent graphic, sexual messages, and when I politely declined or didn’t respond, issued lengthy screeds. We’d been dating for several months, and she was extraordinary: full of life, wildly intelligent, absurdly beautiful.With that in mind, I asked a group of anonymous men who refuse to date fat women to try and explain their feelings to me.I knew that there was science to support the fact that men love a woman with a tummy, but I wanted to hear from the other side.

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So many people out there have been on diets and to slimming clubs and fitness classes and they will have so much in common with one or more of the characters on stage.

On the one hand, as a sex writer, I understand that people are attracted to different things, so I wanted to keep an open mind.

That said, it's hard to be objective when someone is explaining why you don't give them an erection.

But, with startling regularity, new acquaintances, dates and strangers offer diet advice, trial gym memberships, even once a recommendation for a surgeon.

My life as a fat person is a barrage of weekly, daily, hourly offers of unsolicited advice.

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