Fear of rejection in dating

The truth is that the only people who never experience rejection are those who never have any interaction with other people which in effect, makes for a pretty reclusive and lonely existence.The fear of being rejected creates a very damaging pattern of behaviour in our lives.If you take onboard these three factors above then you’ll destroy the fear of rejection forever.If you struggle meeting new people and want to drastically minimise the chances of rejection in the first place then the smartest thing to do is invest in elite matchmaking.A useful way of putting fear of rejection behind us and replacing it with positive thoughts is to tell yourself that if you never put yourself in a position where someone can say ‘no’, then you’re also denying yourself the opportunity of being in a situation where someone can say ‘yes’.Great that it tells you to pity the other for their poor self confidence. Great point in that the miserable friends they have , are the ones that influence me negatively.This manifests itself whereby a partner simply having a chat with someone else can make us think that it’s a sign that they’re going to leave us or if we’re separated for a short time from a friend or partner, we can sometimes feel anxious and even angry as we falsely believe that this means that they don’t want to spend time with us.

In practising this technique, you’ll start to feel more confident that the outcome you want is going to happen and that will become a replacement for the feelings of fear and inevitable failure that you’ve trained yourself to expect.

The more we dwell on these feelings, the more pain we’re putting ourselves through and the harder it becomes to put ourselves ‘out there’ again for fear that the same thing will happen next time.

A confident person realises that rejection is simply a part of the risk of living and that, in order to grow spiritually, we all have to take the occasional risk and step outside of our comfort zone.

Many people fear rejection as they’ve become conditioned to always trying to please others.

Be aware of when you’re feeling this way and learn to say ‘no’ to people when their demands or requests seem unreasonable to you.

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