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Ted did not question her as she very seldom took any time off.Laying back down, she managed to catch a couple of hours sleep."I was supposed to arrive tomorrow but finished my last assignment early and thought I would surprise Ted. When she turned around to go back to her desk, Robert reached out and grasped an arm, pulling her towards him.Grabbing her ass with both hands, he leaned down and kissed her deeply, his tongue demanding entrance while he ground against her pelvis.

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Calling Ted on his direct line, she told him that she would be about two hours late.Tamina knew that if he discovered that he'd made her wet and horny, he would never leave her alone.Tamina gasped when his hand patted her bare ass on the side of her garter belt.Many BBW could not carry off wearing a short skirt but Tamina could, especially with legs that stretched to heaven.He sneaked up behind Tamina and grabbed her ass, pushing her against the counter.

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