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However, Guyana is moving toward compliance with its obligations under the Convention as follows: (i) Guyana will be participating in a regional project to be executed by the OAS and known as "Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change (CPACC)." Under this project, Guyana will join with other CARICOM States to develop national programmes to mitigate climate and climate change by monitoring same. Legislative reform for natural resource management A key concept in sustainable land use planning is the interrelatedness of resource utilization. Since 1992 the GFC has rehabilitated twelve of eighteen forest stations, established four new stations and forecast the establishment of four additional stations for 1997-98.

In so doing, Guyana will: - create climate change databases - inventories coastal resources and use - conduct coastal vulnerability and risk assessments - formulate a policy framework for coastal and marine management - develop an economic valuation of coastal and marine resources - develop economic and regulatory proposals for adaptation to climate change and; - provide for institutional strengthening and human resource development of relevant national agencies. Regional/International Cooperation: No information STATUS REPORT: Guyana recognizes that land use planning is only as effective as the goals that guide the exercise. One cannot consider forestry without the people who live in the forests, nor can we talk about water pollution in isolation from economic activities that pollute the water, or about watershed management without hydropower development. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: See status report 3. A Code of Practice for responsible forest management was worked out with the Forest Producers Association of Guyana during two years of consultation and was introduced to the industry for voluntary adoption in July 1996.

Bauxite and gold in the same year accounted for a total of 46% of export earning.

This demonstrates that mining maintained a strong position in Guyana's economy.

The EMA covers all aspects of mining including the use of equipment, sedimentation, control, vegetation removal, storage and disposal of chemicals and fuel handling and uses of mercury. Decision-Making Structure: Draft legislation to form a new Guyana Energy Agency has been completed. In order to commence full operation of the EPA the government will receive financial assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank to implement an environmental management project.

This new agency will incorporate under one umbrella all of the various energy related departments and units which would allow for the improvement in institutional arrangements. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: No information 3. This project aims to strengthen the technical and organizational capability of the Agency and will also assist in the legal and regulatory framework in environment and natural resources management.

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At the Technical level there is the Natural Resource and Environment Advisory Committee (NREAC) which includes the heads of natural resource agencies and the environmental protection agency. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: The environmental monitoring capability of the EPA has been enhanced through the establishment of a laboratory facility to undertake monitoring of various chemical parameters and to determine their environmental effects.

Telephone: 61607-9 Telefax: 59192 E-mail: Note from the Secretariat: An effort has been made to present all country profiles within a common format, with an equal number of pages. No information STATUS REPORT: Guyana has formulated a National Energy Policy (NEP) where the basic core idea is the substitution of imported fossil fuels through the promotion and increased use of renewable sources of energy with which Guyana is well endowed.

However, where Governments have not provided information for the tables appended to Chapters 4 and 17, those tables have been omitted entirely in order to reduce the overall length of the profile and save paper. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: No information 3. Recognizing the vital link between energy and development, the NEP administrates short, medium and long term technological options for satisfying energy demand.

Energy Audits at various industrial and other enterprises are being undertaken.

In the area of transportation there has been the introduction of unleaded gasoline into the Guyana market.

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