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Quitclaim deeds are also an excellent means to transfer real property into a living trust.It cuts through the litigation process and can save time and money at the time of death.Quitclaim deeds make it quick and easy to arrange properties after marriages or divorces.The process is very much similar to when one fixes a mistake in the title.This list is a curated collection of both free and premium learning resources, more free than premium, and all the free resources have been marked with an *.A Quit Claim Deed transfers the ownership or rights of property from a seller, or ‘Grantor’, to a buyer, or ‘Grantee’.

And by the time people start doing research they have dedicated all their learning to a tiny niche. We need to (and let’s face it, want to) collect knowledge from a broad spectrum of subjects.Afterward, the deed is usually filed with the Recorder’s Office in the County where the real estate is located or other recognized offices.Because of the uncertainty that comes with quit claim deeds, it is common to think that these documents are unreliable and aren’t worth the risk.The grantor and the grantee then would either have knowledge about or be able to trust the claim to the title of the property.Typical arrangements between family members include parents passing on their house to their adult children or siblings trading real property with each other.

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