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There’ll be two-” That’s as far as he gets before a portal snaps open on the floor below the two of them. “I’d ask you the same, but unfortunately it’s hard to avoid knowing about Tony Stark these days,” the newcomer retorts, the words derisive enough to make Tony’s hackles rise. “I’m sorry,” Dr Strange says, and it’s completely insincere, “But can we go back to the part where you said we’d be working together?

Convince me you’re telling the truth.” Are they seriously still talking when Peter just straight up said he died?Doctor Strange leans back, “Convince me.” Peter takes a breath.“Alright, so like I said to Mr Stark before, It all starts on April 27, 2018 when a spaceship appears in New York and two aliens appear on orders from-” That’s as far as he gets.Mr Stark isn’t as prepared, and he yelps as the ground suddenly disappears from beneath their feet, then again when Peter’s hand reflexively clenches and tugs their bodies closer, a pair of thin but powerful arms take his weight, holding him from the ground as Peter’s legs bend into the stone floor they hit. ” Peter asks, placing a hand on Tony’s chest to hold him in place. Or is this some sort of twisted flirting that only happens between people who have egos the size of New York? “Ok kid,” he sighs, placing one of his own hands over the one on his chest, giving it a gentle squeeze before letting go.“A bit of warning would’ve been nice,” Peter grumbles under his breath and the cold fear that’s wrapped itself around Tony’s heart and lungs eases a bit; the kid is still joking, whatever he saw, whatever he lived through, it hasn’t completely ruined him. ” Tony stares, mouth slightly agape, at the teenager who earlier that day had been tripping over his words with eyes full of awe whenever he looked at Tony, who is now a tiny bean full of sass and raised eyebrows. “I’m touched, truly,” Dr Strange interrupts, “But I’m still not clear on why exactly I should be listening to either of you.” “Because,” Peter says, straightening up again, shoulders pulling back and chin raised with determination, “Thanos, the strongest being in the universe, is going to come to Earth in less than a year and then he’s going to wipe out half of the universe.

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