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Viewed around the Spanish moss, two youngsters can be seen (best view is full screen).

Later model runs usually had the issues addressed and fixed during production.The 2017-2018 NEFL season has been absolutely glorious!Romeo & Juliet, architects and residents of this beautiful home high up in a long-leaf pine, once again raised two healthy and strong eaglets – their 18th and 19th since records have been kept. Gaining confidence, flying strong and free, Sky & Spirit (names chosen by our viewers for the eaglets) left for their own adventures at just over 17 weeks of age, Sky on April 8, followed by Spirit on April 12.What kind of mileage can you expect on a normally maintained bike before it needs work? Thanks in advance, JT These tensioners have 23,000 miles on them and as you can see are pretty worn.The issue here is that while stamping out the chain components, the die cutters become worn.

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