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The taboo against eating red berries quickly spreads throughout the culture. If one person decides not to marry in the usual way, it doesn’t necessarily hurt that person. So I interpret it as a different claim: a culture that allows gay marriage will, for various reasons, become weak and unsuccessful.Then it will be crushed by other cultures, either militarily, economically, or in a sort of marketplace of ideas where people convert to or assimilate into the other culture because it’s more attractive and successful.

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Any sort of evolutionary process that involves waiting for Rome to fall is a process that will take way longer than human history to come to any sort of conclusion.Presumably, the Inuit neither conducted deliberate centralized experiments to determine what food in their area was edible, nor derived the information from explicit understanding of the principles of nutrition.Rather, over thousands of years, various proposals like “eat those yummy-looking red berries that grow on the small bushes” and “always hunt seals in large groups” were accidentally tested, with the successful ones spreading until they became universal tradition and the disastrous ones being warned against as taboo.This is also unsurprising from a population biology perspective.Suppose that one of my children gets a mutation causing 1% less risk of infectious disease.

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