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The member states share a "society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail".

Article 3 then states the aims of the EU in six points.

Article 51 deals with the protocols attached to the treaties and article 52 with the geographic application of the treaty.

Article 53 states the treaty is in force for an unlimited period, article 54 deals with ratification and 55 with the different language versions of the treaties.

Article 48 deals with the method of treaty amendment; specifically the ordinary and simplified revision procedures.

Article 14 deals with the workings of Parliament and its election, article 15 with the European Council and its president, article 16 with the Council and its configurations and article 17 with the Commission and its appointment.Article 9 establishes the equality of national citizens and citizenship of the European Union.Article 10 declares that the EU is founded in representative democracy and that decisions must be taken as closely as possible to citizens.The treaties have been repeatedly amended by other treaties over the 65 years since they were first signed.The consolidated version of the two core treaties is regularly published by the European Commission.

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