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Do they have someone more important to be talking to? That devilish son of a gun.’ If you’d rather your people didn’t think this way of you, there’s an easy ‘get out of jail’ card to be deployed. Typing is a right faff when you want to use your hands for other stuff such as eating, cooking or fine embroidery.

Just turn off the ‘last seen’ feature altogether, or restrict it to only your contacts. Once again Whats App has come to the rescue to this most first-world of problems via compatibility with both Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.

Not all group chats are created equal, as some are filled with nothing but white noise.

And it’s exactly those group chats you want to ignore until you get some downtime to sieve through everything that’s been said.

But at the same time, you don't want the sender to realise that you've already looked at the message, lest they think you're ignoring them when you fail to reply for two more hours. Recently though, the chat app has realised the error of its ways and silently come up with a workaround. How: Users can just access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts.

There, now it's time to iron out the kinks in your friendships that the blue ticks have caused.

It works for group messages too, with the window listing the time each participant read the message. So, as the saying goes, always be yourself unless you can be like Batman. We’re all in at least a few group chats at any one time, created because someone (likely the group admin) was bored.

There are over a billion Whats App users worldwide right now. Your mum has already found her new favourite way to spam you. You can easily avoid her on the down-low, and that’s just one of the messaging service’s many secret tips you probably don’t know about.

From disabling its ‘last seen’ feature to bookmarking messages you don’t want to forget about, there are loads of tricks to make your favourite IM app more useful than ever. Luckily enough, we’ve scoured every inch of Whats App to gather up its most useful features.

There's also a way of preventing them from manually entering their location... If it’s a real GPS-based location, the location share will appear as a dropped pin, but if it’s a location they entered, its address will appear beside the dropped pin. What App’s ‘last seen’ feature is a nightmare for anyone with self-esteem issues.

‘Why are they online and not replying to you right now?

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