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With this in mind, two of their greatest traits are they are upfront and honest.Portugal has a rich and varied culinary landscape, so expect your Portuguese date to be more knowledgeable about food than people you’ve met in other countries.And as for the age-old ‘cheque dance’ after a meal, men in Portugal tend to be very chivalrous on dates, so women may find their attempts to split the bill at the end of the night falling on deaf ears.Women in Portugal are romantically independent and tend to hail from strong, family-centric backgrounds.Indeed, what you might consider a romantic gesture in one country could be seen as unwelcome or rude in another.While there are no fixed rules when it comes to finding a partner, these tips should help to give you an introduction to dating while in Portugal.

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He says the app is the perfect solution to the conundrum.

Alright, so the name might sound a bit pretentious. For many young professionals, it's actually working.

“On Tinder I kept meeting students who were still ‘looking for themselves',” Sara, a young American working in Stockholm, tells The Local. But I wanted to meet other professionals; people who were motivated and were doing something with their lives already.” She stumbled across The Inner Circle accidentally while browsing dating apps one day – and quickly became a fan.

When you date a Portuguese woman, you can expect her to talk enthusiastically about the unmissable delicacies in local restaurants, and if you’re lucky, perhaps fill you in on those famous family recipes.

While Portuguese food varies from region to region, if your partner is a good chef, you can expect to enjoy plenty of onions, garlic, tomato and olive oil.

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