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She is radiant and a crushing reminder that if she can't get a bloke to stay for breakfast, the rest of us shouldn't bother about finding "real that stays forever".– Protest song penned by sex workers who occupied French churches during an eight-day 1975 strike.It is a little-known fact that New South Wales was the first government in the world to remove all prostitution laws from the criminal law books in 1995."It feels like reality."READ MORE: * Five must-see films in the Alliance Francaise French Film festival * Faces Places: Meet the Grand Dame of French New Wave who couldn't care less about her Oscar nomination * Marion Cotillard's advice to the people who 'hired' Ardern: 'Make sure you keep her'Difficulty in love is my reality, so she's not wrong there.But when she says she loves Of the 20 or so movies I screened in preparation for this event, all but two of them of them are about love, sex and how to navigate a world where they are top currency."The one that stays forever is in you," Binoche snaps back. You know, you are not finding the forever love outside of yourself, it doesn't exist." Real talk, Gallic style."If you are trying to hang on to solutions outside of yourself, it's not going to work."I feel like Binoche has just strolled into my head, prised open a locked door marked "How To Do Adult Relationships", and switched on a 1000 watt bulb. , a film about a 13-year-old girl discovering love and a glimpse of adult freedom during a summer holiday. It's a challenging watch - Ava's a minor (although Abita was 17 when she made the film), and the sense we're creeping on a child's sexual awakening feels invasive.

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is a reminder not to be shallow, to remember that surface things aren't what make a person interesting or worthy. "Making this film was a way to mature, to exit in a way all the ideas you get from your family," she says.

"For instance, going swimming naked is not something you do with your family, but it is something that I [discovered I] really enjoy, so the film was very important to find myself."Abita says if the audience reins in their shock at the nudity, they can tap into a little of Ava's experience too.

View the full list When we occupy the churches, you are scandalised, religious bigots!

You who threatened us with hell, we have come to eat at your table, at Saint Nizier.

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