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One of my friends told me to give it three tries, and after 3 and there is no bite, you need to cut your ties.

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She'll wonder why you're taking long to reply, etc. If you're anything like I was, when I was single, you have too much free time and want to fill it. Based on what I was reading this girl really doesn't know what she wants with herself and you which can hurt you in the long run, and could possibly be using you for attention.

If she thinks that you're a potential for a relationship, she would respond differently.

I know it sounds a bit harsh but like the others here, I believe you deserve better. I felt like I needed to say this even though it seems you have resolved the issue in your mind.

I don't think you should get too concerned with how to play mind games. I still think this one is a lost cause, but if she does try to speak to you again, don't be too easy. Think what a girl would want in a boyfriend and be that.

I'm with you in that I've always felt it's ridiculous to act out of character to try and seem desirable, but it's basic psychology. If someone is interested in you, they won't give up easily just because you're busy. Most importantly, put her in the back of your mind and stop waiting around.

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