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Not sure but based on the photo, it looks like it was "repaired" before.

If that isn't just paint peeling away, it will need a whole new strip glued on and possibly paint the whole door while you're… It sounds to me like he's a flake in this area of finances, and she has had enough of cleaning up his crap and just wants to know if she leaves the litter tray to moulder, will it bite her in the bum…

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Objectives: The project aims the development of Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) strategies in multi-stage production systems, through the integration of quality control and process control using cyber-physical systems, intelligent inspection systems and advanced data analysis tools.

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The goals of the DEDEMAS project are: 1) Developement of mechanisms for decentralised scheduling and decision making covering both manufacturer's multi-site operations and its chain of suppliers, 2) Development of mechanisms and a prototype support system for global production process optimisation on decentralised operation, 3) Establishment of a framework for combination of local knowledge and decentralised control with communication, co-operation and global goals propagation in order to reach globally optimal production processes, 4) Establishment of a framework for the communication between autonomous, co-operative manufacturing entities.I understand your point, franklin, as well as Spidey's. Then there a a few who can't handle it - hospitals, funerals, etc. Would you like to meet exciting singles of the German ethnicity?Objectives: Este projeto pretende desenvolver uma solução integrada e inteligente para suportar a manutenção industrial, alinhada com os princípios da Industria 4.0, tendo em vista a melhoria do desempenho do processo de produção.Para o efeito são considerados os seguintes aspetos: i) análise avançada e on-line dos dados colecionados de modo a monitorizar e detetar prematuramente falhas das máquinas presentes na planta fabril e consequentemente a necessidade de implementar intervenções de manutenção, e ii) suportar os técnicos durante as intervenções de manutenção através de um sistema inteligente de apoio à decisão, contribuindo para uma mais rápida e eficiente recuperação da falha ocorrida.

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