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“If the world was about to end…” A question like “What would you do if the world was going to end in 24 hours? ” This leads to discussions about various people in the public eye; great if you don’t have any mutual friends or interests…yet! You can also discuss how different things are now from when you were a child, e.g.

It can also lead to suggestions of follow up dates, e.g. Take things they mention about their lives and expand on them, e.g.

“Oh, you mentioned you went to school in Chicago – what did you study?

You can also share stories you’ve heard from other people. The People Around You Look at the people walking by (great if you’re in public) and try guessing facts about them. Crazy Comments by Kids If you’re with a group of friends who have kids (or you’re all teachers), exchange stories about the funny things your kids say and do. The idea is that everyone gives three statements about themselves – one is true, and two are lies. The more interesting or funny the statements, the better. Their Goals and Dreams Many people enjoy talking about themselves. ” When people discuss their passions, you see who they really are. They will also be impressed when you talk about your own passions, as this is something you talk about easily that lights you up in an attractive way. Travel Bucket List “Which five places do you most want to visit? Comparing places you’ve been and want to go can spark a lot of conversation, and travel stories can be very attractive – especially if you’ve done something fascinating and you’re a good storyteller. You might realize they’re not right for you, or you might get an insight into what to do.

You can even say that the person with the most interesting interpretation “wins”, e.g. He’s just remembered his girlfriend left her hair clip on his bed, and his wife’s nearly home! There’s probably always something weird, funny, or scarily smart to share. Worst Dates Ask your friends about the worst date they’ve ever been on. ” An interesting question, bound to bring a smile to people’s faces (it’s unexpected). In a big group of friends, your friends can tell you which animal you’d be, before switching to the next person. Try questions like “What job would you really love to do? If you get your date opening up about their dreams and ambitions, while being encouraging and supportive, they will feel relaxed around you and value you as a great listener. The Movie You Just Saw Works after a cinema date or DVD. ” to find out more and turn the topic to funny things. This can also lead to funny stories about bad dates.

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