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Moreover, it is used of other districts, as in Western Palestine of the wilderness of Juda ( Judges ), and again in the east of the desert of Moab ( Deuteronomy 2:8 ).

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The desert, too, was looked upon as the abode of wild beasts — lions (Ecclus., xiii, 23), wild asses ( Job 24:5 ), jackals ( Malachi 1:3 ), etc.Thus Is., xxxv, 1: "The land that was desolate [ midbar ] and impassable shall be glad, and the wilderness [ 'arabah ] shall rejoice"; cf. Although the Septuagint frequently renders the word by eremos , it often uses other translations, as ge dipsosa and elos .The Vulgate employs the words solitudo , desertum ." Frequently it is used of the wilderness of the Exodus.Besides such uses of the word, it seems when used with the article often to have assumed the force of a proper name.

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