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But the reason he moved there in the first place to follow his medical-student girlfriend is the same reason he's moving back to the area.

He'll begin law school at Penn in the fall as his now-fiancee begins her residency.

"And now get to work and keep your focus." On Sunday, the Wolverines came head coach in 1993, but he hasn't returned with a varsity eight since 2000, when the Wolverines finished third.

Michigan's freshman coach, King of Prussia native Phil Mariani, first rowed on the Schuylkill when he attended Episcopal Academy in the late 1990s.

"Temple has its edge because it wants to defend its own turf." The varsity eight could go to any of five or more schools Temple, Michigan, Marietta, Florida Institute of Technology, and Georgetown chief among them but the Owls are the defending champs, and Hartsuff knows that makes them the team to beat.

"Like any coach would, you identify any potential crews that are a threat and they are," Hartsuff said.

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Mariani, who lived in two rowing cities before Ann Arbor, has witnessed the growth of crew during his four years at Michigan."Traditionally, we're not rivals, but the varsity eight is their strength, and it's our strength." Hartsuff has been instrumental in expanding rowing at Michigan, where crew traditionally glides under the radar at the conventional sports university.The men's program is still a club, not a varsity sport in part because of Title IX while fa 44 Gregg Hartsuff Phil Mariani captured the gold in the ECAC Regatta in Worchester, Mass., besting Trinity and Holy Cross.They are both still with the Ventnor Beach Patrol, but Amanda decided not to follow Meghan to Drexel."We both made a name for ourselves, but I was usually known as Meghan's little sister," Amanda Holland said.

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