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Additive manufacturing only requires a 3D file that includes the 3D scan and that is mostly it!

In other words, not only does 3D printing animal prostheses benefit the quality of life for the animals and pets themselves, the whole process is beneficial for a veterinarian’s workload as well.

Below you may find some incredible 3D printed orthotics and prostheses for animals projects along with inspiring stories.If not, the missing leg or paw could cause extreme deformities in the rest of their body when they grow up.Good old Seemore the sea turtle located at the Mall of America got a new 3D printed shell with the help of students of the University of Minnesota‘s Institute for Engineering in Medicine.Sonic the 4-month-old kitten was missing a bone in one of his front legs and due to this deformity, Sonic walked extremely uncomfortable.The animal shelter in Denver works alongside with students from the Art Institute of Colorado so they can 3D print a fitting prosthesis together. Louisa Poon said on behalf of the animal shelter in Denver that a case like that of Bionic, would normally have few solutions with each having a not very promising outcome thus giving him a 2nd chance in life with 3D printing.

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