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She was rarely forthcoming about herself and Carson always took that to mean a lack of reciprocal interest. There was no way, he thought, that in the real world any girl from his school would do that sort of a thing. She tossed her shirt aside with the same casual ease and stretched her arms above her head.

Still, she seemed to shy away from most everyone else at school, but that could just be a result of being a new transfer in her last semester of high school. He was doubly smitten and knew he now could never, ever hope to find the courage to ask her out.

This year's fair will be held at on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 from 10AM until 4PM!

The Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair is a one-of-a-kind sexy fair that brings together artists and crafters just in time for Valentine's Day!

Carson gratefully accepted it as he was already hot and sweaty from the short hike. "Shit, get down," Wes whispered, waving him down with his free hand.

It might have flown when they were kids, but they were both adults now, on the doorstep of graduating into the real world. " Wes said, offering him a bottle from his backpack.Every time Wes brought up the crush, it made him realize what a coward he was for not having the courage to ask her out.She was a polite girl, though when they worked together it was almost entirely focused on the task at hand.Trailers rolled in next to ranch houses that could pass for small mansions, and this new house fell into the latter category.The residents all shared a desire for the peace, quiet, and privacy that came with the large tracts of relatively cheap land in the rolling hill country. They were now close enough to see a well-tended backyard replete with gorgeous in-ground swimming pool, patio, grill, and vegetable garden. He slowed his approach and tried to utilize the undergrowth as cover from the house.

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