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The Rabbit Died (CORRECTION) more about the expression "the rabbit died" which was used as a euphemism for "I'm pregnant." The rabbit *always* died, actually, regardless of whether or not the woman was pregnant.

While I certainly remember hearing this expression used when I was a kid back in the '70s, it came into usage many decades before that.

it was made by Ford adn there were not a lot of these cars made, but there should have been because it was a cool looking car.

I think that they have gone back to making the car again, but just with a different name.

so i think you should get pictures and add them to your website.Is it possible that someone mis-heard "cheese-eater" and just always heard it as "cheesier"? In Montana, where he was operating for most of his life, there was a hauling job in which timber was being taken out of a National Forest area.The 'izz'This term was created in the late 1970s and made it's way through the 2000s. c"izz"ash= cash fo' sh"izz"le= for sure b"izz"o= bitch b"izz"nitch= bitch r"izz"ide= ride(car) sm"izz"oke= smoke "izz"ass= ass .....so one. Because of that the Forest Service had people checking the trucks to see that they were meeting all the standards. The truckers would call each other when one was spotted somewhere and warn others about their presence.I hope that you could put this phrase on your list on this webpage.Shaggin' Wagon A customized van with mags, an elaborate paint job, opera windows and a bed in the back.

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