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His feet were large, strong, and webbed so that he might travel easily over marshes and shores.Admired for his physical powers and attractive disposition, he was taken to England where he was extensively bred.It was bred to detect unwanted intruders and to deter them from the property under their care.Indeed, many say that the Neapolitan Mastiffs unique type was developed purposely as an alarmingly ugly dog whose looks alone were enough to deter any intruder.In 1889 in Chicago, the German Mastiff or Great Dane Club of America was founded with G. The breed commonly called “Mastiff” in English-speaking countries is more properly described as the Old English Mastiff.It is a giant shorthaired dog, with heavy head and short muzzle, which has been bred in England for two thousand years as a watchdog. Caesar describes them in his account of invading Britain in 55 B.C., when they fought beside their masters against the Roman legions.The Mastiff is described throughout history and literature denoting it's ongoing presence throughout England.

The dog’s personality, activity needs, and grooming requirements are some of the other things to decide upon and research.The standard was rewritten again for greater precision in 1971. This animal is easily recognized as the great forefather of the Neapolitan Mastiff.While the Neapolitan Mastiff has been recognized as a breed in the modern world only since recognition by the FCI in 1949, we can see, through bas-relief, paintings and statues dating from 3000 years before Christ, that his roots trace to the giant war dogs of Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia and Asia. When the Romans conquered Greece, they adopted the Molossus Dogs and also used them in battle, in the hunt and in the arena.The breed then existed on estates and farms across Italy for the past two millennia, known as the “big dog of the little man” — the extraordinary dog of the ordinary man.Over the centuries, breeders of the Mastino in the Neapolitan area of southern Italy focused on breeding guards for the homes and estate.

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