How invalidating another person affected communication

As with email and the Web in general, sites such as Facebook and Twitter (together with the associated mobile apps) enable us to communicate more quickly, more easily and more often.

Technology has made communicating with others so straightforward and natural that it is often necessary to try and limit the use of these platforms and tools to avoid overload.

While this has made it easier to make contact with others, it has also made it more difficult to switch off.

Communicating with those we know is now much simpler and more convenient than it ever has been, at the risk of making our lives ever more hurried and busy.

It is key to establishing and maintaining relationships, and is an active process that involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding.

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Not only are we accessible every time we sit down at a computer, we are now accessible from wherever we are.

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The pace at which our gadgets and gizmos are getting more powerful shows no signs of slowing down, and recent leaps forward in technology over the last few decades have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.

At the heart of this revolution is the Internet, breaking down barriers of distance and cost to make us more connected than ever before.

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