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They are from Ceylon, they look like they are from the same set. Can you tell me the value of -1948 Silver Wedding King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1.

Commonwealth (34 from 1/2d to 3d) and Protectorates (27 in own currency): Not rated yet½ d Green, Gibraltar; ½ d Green, Cayman Islands; 1d Brown, Turks & Caicos Islands; 1d Green, Nyasaland; 1d Pink, Nigeria; 1d Purple, Gilbert …

I have these 2 old stamps - one was posted in 1943 and the other in 1951, their value at the time was one pound five shillings and one pound fifteen shillings … Can you tell me the value of these stamps Not rated yet I found these stamps in a very old bible of my Grandma's how long she had the stamps I don't know. value of 3penny red stamps and 4 green half penny stamps Not rated yet Penny red stamps on birth and marriage certificates dated 1922 19.

I have a Japanese postcard with a stamp attached from 1950 Not rated yet The stamp is red in colour and has what looks like Kobe, Japan as the frank mark. There is another one in the set which I couldn't send … Not rated yet I have 2 envelopes with franked lilac 3d stamps on. 4 Green half penny stamps on writing paper dated 1947.

a 2d South Africa postage stamp still on an envelope. can you help me cat value my russian stamp please... are these stamps as rare as i think and are they of any value? Have I got the begining of a reasonable collection? IS A GREEN OLD HALFA PENNY STAMP WORTH ANYTHING ON A OLD POSTCARD i have a red postage revenue stamp of 1D.posted on ither 1946 or 1976 not sure .. please can you give some idea of value of EDVII group of stamps? From what I have been able to find, these are a pair of 1881 2 1/2 pence stamps, either aquamarine or lilac in color (I'm colorblind) with a profile of … I have a large collection of stamps starting from penny blacks up to 1980. Uk and Common Wealth Stamps 1975 apollo soyuz space test project united states stamp Question i want to know how much this stamp is worth Answer Issued 15 July 1975 "Apollo-Soyuz" Space Test Project. US PRICE VALUE OF USED GREAT BRITAIN QUEEN VICTORIA POSTAGE STAMPS? I inherited my stamp collection from my grandmother. Hello Nathaniel Roy UK Dealer Asking 5.58 GBP which is 8.72 …

the information i have has come from ...first is a 10 kon stamp issued 1909 . german stamps i think there is an error in two, one has 500mark with 250 tausend printed on and another has 800 tausend printed over 500 mark Unlisted british guiana 2 cents imperforate stamp? So far all my researches could not help me classify this stamp... I recently acquired a rather large collection of stamps. This set was bought from dawaulders about two years ago for my father -in-law as a present. What is the value of this Queen elizabeth 5d stamp? can you give me an Idear or address to buy a book so I can value stamps. Two Stamps from Australia - Could you please advise of value.

The stamp is what I believe is called Prussian Blue (darker than ultramarine), has 'Postage' written in a cursive script at the bottom, with'5d' at bottom … Thanks in advance So far I know that this is Queen Elizabeth 2 1/2 postage revenue.

Not franked but all perforation edges are intact as is the whole stamp.

Lots of people have found that old box in the Attic full of odds and ends and sometimes a few Stamp Albums...

Postcards and Envelopes Then you are found asking yourself, I wonder what the Value of Old Postage Stamps are?

This is a prestamped letter card and was found in an old desk by my nanas cousin.

He suggests inside in his kite that it'll be worth a fortune one day. Can anyone identify and value this Wilding Queen Elizabeth 5d stamp?

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