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Kaya noted the prisoners would also refuse visits until 5 February.Deterioration in several prisoners' health conditions have already been reported whilst human rights organisations warn about the probability of worsening of the situation unless the prisoners' demands are accepted.Many of the suspects who are currently jailed as Ergenekon members, such as Gen. First, it was to conduct operations only in the cities of Silopi, Mardin and Batman.

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On 29 January Deniz Kaya declared the indefinite hunger strike with turns was changed to indefinite hunger strike without turns.The activities of Ergenekon were not limited to İstanbul and the capital; it was highly active in the Southeast as well. Thousands of unsolved murders -- faili meçhuller in Turkish (which literally means “doers unknown”) -- that were committed by JİTEM forces in the Southeast returned to the country’s political agenda once again when human skulls were found near a gendarmerie building in the southeastern city of Diyarbakır. Residents of the Southeast now want to believe that their fathers and fellow villagers will not be officially declared “terrorists who were killed in clashes with the security forces” only minutes after being executed in the middle of their village right before their eyes.The skulls were unearthed during restoration work being carried out in the area, but they resulted in wider excavations for more bones and skulls. They want to know that people will not be taken from their homes by JİTEM operatives to be tortured and left to die on a riverside.The 27 hand grenades marked the start of the investigation into Ergenekon, a network with members in powerful positions in the bureaucracy and the military, as well as civilians such as influential journalists and writers, which had masterminded many assassinations -- killings to overthrow the government. Turkey’s Southeast lived under martial law -- the Law of Extraordinary Conditions (known in Turkish as OHAL, for short) for 30 years.It soon emerged that this network was part of a much older tradition, dating back to the time of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), a political party that came to power in 1908 following a coup d’état against the Ottoman sultan. Perhaps, some of the military officers arrested in the Ergenekon investigation were unknown by most of the country, but there is not a single person in the Southeast who can possibly forget who they are and the things they did.

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