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Alionka Polanco says : “What stands out to me most about your story is the cycle you're in. Pam Bauer says : “If you feel dating fatigue, I suggest taking a break for six months. Without the pressure you can relax and be yourself and let others be themselves too.Give yourself this opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate.I’ve been practicing answering those questions positively with confidence — and I won’t lie, it’s hard to even say them out loud. Kristy De Leon says : “I do find interesting that you so confidently packed up and moved to New York with nothing but the sheer conviction that things would work out. You also put in all of behind-the-scenes work to make it happen.With that portion of your life stable and successful, it is time to apply that conviction and behind-the-scenes work to yourself and how you view your love life. You trusted that if you worked hard that you would make it.Do you believe that men have the ability to be wholly committed in a meaningful relationship?Do you believe that you are worth having every element of your dream life coming true? While I wholeheartedly believed in love, without a shadow of a doubt, when I was 16 (and perhaps all the way up to 25), the fatigue of dating has definitely dampened my spirits.It’s not a surprise to anyone who truly knows me, but as a 27-year-old smart, successful, healthy and (mostly) happy woman, I not only feel tremendous guilt when I complain about being single, but I don't feel like the independent, confident woman that I really am.Surely, I remind myself, there are much more important issues for me to worry about — Donald Trump becoming president, the government attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, how my male co-worker makes more money than I do.

Be brave in seeing your part in the dynamic you have created there. And people can sense when you're really seeking a relationship and they don't like it — makes them feel like they're not special, that you'd settle for anyone, even if that's not true.”My response: I have to admit that this one was tough for me, and while I know I don’t want to be in New York forever, going to a smaller place not only is uninteresting to me, but wouldn’t be great for my career.

You also associated very strong, positive, and confident words with your perspective about work. Just love and explore and enjoy yourself and get really, deeply solid with who you are.

You wrote so confidently about your career and what you wanted from it, but had a dramatically different language and energy towards your love life. Become even more uniquely you, your own perfect shape, and in the right time, you'll find the match to your puzzle piece. Even if you're single for another 4.5 years, you'll only be 32.

Karen Garvey says : “Everything in life is created by energy, the energy of thoughts, feelings and actions of your specific energy will be reflected back to you through your experiences.

The basic formula is: Thoughts Feelings Beliefs Subsequent Actions = Physical Reality.

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