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This means that he must try to fit billions of years into Scripture, with corollaries of a local flood and pre-Adamite soulless man-like creatures, and death of animals before sin.The only real difference between the two positions is that PCs deny transformism, the changing of one kind into another.More likely, this alleged frame shift has been missed because it is not in the text!The real frame-shift to the Earth is very clear in the Hebrew, and occurs in Genesis 2:4, not Genesis 1:2.

And when all else fails, he claims that the ‘days’ overlapped.

‘The frame of reference, or point of view, for the creation account suddenly shifts in Genesis 1:2, from the heavenlies that make up the entire physical universe to the surface of planet Earth.

For whatever reason, perhaps because it comes so abruptly, most readers—even scholarly commentators—miss the shift.

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