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He authors this OP, posting a “randomly” generated string of characters and a piece of text and concludes: For what possible reason would a materialist deny knowing what he plainly must know – that we can know the second string is not a group of random letters because it is highly complex and also conforms to a specification?Unfortunately for Barry, his OP was noticed by Jeffrey Shallit (half of Elsberry and Shallitt, bane of Bill Dembski ) and who then wrote a post on his blog, Recursivity.Thus, it would appear that the original experimental design and method were valid and that the isochron approach does indeed deserve further investigation.The audience goes crazy when bodybuilders do those things both women and MEN.I don't know if anyone else recognized him, but I left him alone.

As time went by, posing suits became smaller and smaller to the point where the size of posing suits is now regulated for the sake of decency.I'm sorry but if you want to go around showing off your body like this you better have a bigger dick.Because those were times where sexuality in general was more of a taboo than today bodybuilders wore very big posing suits so as to avoid any chance of eroticism or the bodybuilder being perceived as a sex object.Isochron behaviour was clearly observed in both cases.The first system, based on microcline feldspar grains in a high dose rate matrix, produced an age estimate consistent with the known age.

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