Japannese girl glutom

Do not assume just because something says it is veggies only that it has not been simmered in dashi.

Best to use caution on all soup and sauce bases in Japan. I have eaten in Indian restaurants even in quite small cities around the country, and as you know Indian food features many/most dishes with no meat, fish or other animal products.

You can always pick up delicious fluffy egg salad sandwiches for a quick lunch with no meat.

The Japanese have a bit of a thing for egg salad so you can find these everywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

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The name of this Japanese Savory pancake literally means “food as you like it” so it is easy to choose and customize your style with only veggies!

In addition to appetizers and sushi rolls, a couple of menu pages are given over to flatbread pizzas and tacos that fuse Asian and Western ideas in delightful ways.

Traveling, eating and exploring in Japan can be a challenge if you don’t read Japanese.

A few items are exact replicas: the hand-rolled Citrus Heat sushi roll, constructed of red tuna, jalapenos, roasted red pepper and shaved limes or There Went Drew, made with grilled salmon, cream cheese and avocado.

But in general, Dragon King’s Daughter explores new territory, in presentation, if not in flavors and textures.

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