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"It has always disturbed me to see how many single Jews in Ukraine can't find someone to marry," Ben-Ami says, adding that he's met many Ukrainian Jews in their 30s "who never got married, because they couldn't find a Jewish spouse." Potential clients are required to meet with an approved rabbi and produce evidence that they are Jewish.

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Although the site's founders say their Web site is being advertised in Jewish communities and publications around Ukraine, Hillel members in Kiev were surprised to hear that it even exists.

"But I see that people are writing to each other and I've been getting positive responses already." In addition to contacting each other through e-mail, users can IM each other privately.

They are encouraged to put up their photographs, says Goldenberg, but in keeping with the site's traditional approach, men and women are only able to view pictures of the opposite sex. Jewish Orthodox tradition does not accept same-sex relationships," she explains. "We don't put up photos that are too revealing, such as those that show a person in a swimming suit," Goldenberg says.

There's another difference as well: This one accepts only halachic Jews, those who have a Jewish mother or who have converted under Orthodox auspices.

The idea was hatched last winter by Udi Ben-Ami, Israel's consul general in Dnepropetrovsk, and local Chabad rabbi, Shmuel Kaminetski.

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