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Yesterday evening I did some searches and managed to find all 56 episodes of the series, so this morning I created a new The Rat Patrol library with the first twenty-three episodes to start.

From his first news broadcast in 1957, the tag-line Henderson used to sign off at the end of every newscast was either "..that's the way it is" or "the way it is", similar to Walter Cronkite.Norman Eugene "Clint" Walker (May 30, 1927 May 21, 2018) was an American actor and singer.He was perhaps best known for his starring role as cowboy Cheyenne Bodie in the ABC/Warner Bros. Walker's good looks and imposing physique (he stood 6 feet, 6 inches tall with a 48-inch chest and a 32-inch waist)[6] helped him land an audition where he won the lead role in the TV series Cheyenne.I have about 65 episodes yet to post so many more to come.5/29/18 - A couple of days ago one of my regular correspondents ask me about WWII movies, related to the Memorial Day weekend that was coming up.

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