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Then, the Zeo Crystals transformed the Rangers back into their normal selves except for Aisha who decided to stay in Africa and helped the African people to take care of animals and sends a girl named Tanya to take her place and also takes the Yellow Zeo Crystal.

After the Zeo Crystal was finally restored, she was given new powers and became Zeo Ranger 1: Pink.

However, After successfully completing the Pan Global Trials and has the chance of competing in the Pan Global Games, Kimberly, with the support of her friends for going to the Pan Globals, decided to quit the team and passed her coin to Kat as she became the new Pink Ranger.

She becomes friends with Aisha and begins to love animals.

When she got in she saw Kimberly, still weary from the last couple of battles, struggle to stay focused on the balance beam, she ended up losing her balance and fell on the floor.

while Katherine was in a dungeon as Rita and Zedd waited for the Sea of Sorrow's high tide, Rito who had a pain in his neck, was standing guard and allowed Katherine to massage his neck only to fall asleep after.

As Katherine got the key from him and got out she noticed a box in which Rito told her what was inside it which was Kimberly's pink power coin, once she obtained it, she was teleported to the Command Center and was able to give the coin back to Kimberly.

Zedd and Rita captured her in a chamber and try to make Kat evil again, Tommy eventually came to the rescue after finding the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception and frees Kat.

Master Vile used the Orb of Doom to transform all the Rangers back into children and Kat had to find her Zeo Crystal in the Australian Outback and found the Pink Zeo Crystal.

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